७ देशातुन केलेल्या २०००० किमी च्या रोमहर्षक बुलेट सफरीवर आधारित हे पुस्तक आहे.

Dreamers and Doers

Dr. Satilal Patil is a pioneer and researcher. He is master in the field of biocontrol and natural organic input. Created different imaginative items, Biopesticides, Biofertilizers and plant development advertisers and so forth. Dr. Patil is Official specialists for govt farming office and is individual from UGC specialized panel. He is Technical Advisor for Dubai, UAE. He is an individual from ‘Neem Patent’ group and holds a progression of licenses in his name. A doctorate from Pune University, Dr Satilal Patil is granted with “Agri Icon” in Maharashtra. An enthusiastic researcher in research and creation, a creator, Dr. Satilal Patil keeps on working for R&D in the field of agribusiness, Pharmaceutical and microbiology.

"Try not to focus on progress assuming that you need it; simply make every moment count and have faith in, and it will work out easily. "

Dr. Satilal Patil, has completed doctorate in environmental sciences from ‘Savitribai Phule Pune University’. During his PhD, he worked on entomopathogenic fungal biopesticide technology which is shear necessary for replacing chemical pesticides from an agriculture.

Since 1998, he is working in the field of organic agricultural inputs, environment and sustainable technologies. During this 23 years, he did R &D and developed various products and technologies in organic inputs, integrated pest management, biopesticides, biofertilizers, plant growth regulators and promoters, insect pheromones and attractants, adjuvants, organic veterinary protectants, waste management products and speciality chemicals.

For a decade, he worked for various organisations like Ajay Biotech India Ltd, MITCON Biotechnology Centre as In charge, Sudarshan Chemical Industries Ltd as All India Manager for biopesticides and Vidya Pratisthan Biotechnology (VSBT) as Scientist Organic Farming. After that he decided to taste the entrepreneurial feat and laid foundation of ‘Green Vision Life Sciences Pvt Ltd’. At Green Vision he worked on manufacturing, research and trainings in the field of agriculture, veterinary products, environment and speciality chemicals. ‘Green Vision’ focused on development of import substitutes.

Dr. Patil’s first book entitled ‘Entomopathogenic fungi based biopesticides technology’ was published by LAP Lambert publication, Germany in 2010. But real author came in light after publication of his bestseller book ‘Dreamers and Doers’. This book is based on his adventure of 20000 km motorcycle expedition from Pune (India)- Singapore- Pune. This book became bestseller in its first year itself. The third edition of this book is published during 94 th ‘Marathi Sahitya Sanmelan’, held at Nasik, Maharashtra between 3-5 December 2021. The audiobook of this book is ubder publication and will be available soon.

Dr. Satilal Patil’s role as newspaper columnist came in existence after publication of the popular Marathi article series named ‘Mazi Mushafiri’ (My journey), started publishes in ‘Sakal Agrowon’ newspaper. This weekly article series became popular among the readers. Apart from this, his articles were published in Daily Sakal, Tarun Bharat, Deshonnati and Janshakti. The article topics were dedicated to subjects like environment, agriculture, science and adventure.

Adventure is in Dr. Satilal Patil’s blood, but his adventure journey started with motorcycle tour to Leh, Ladakh in 2010. Before that experienced various trekking and hiking activities on historical forts across the Sahyadri maintains. Apart from hiking and motorcycling, he did bicycle expeditions as well.
The major motorcycle expeditions completed by Dr Patil covers Pune to Leh, Ladakh (2000 km), Pune Hampi-Pune (), Pune Singapore Pune (20000 km) rides.

Apart from motorcycle rides, he is fond of cycling. His cycle rides includes Pune to Goa (450km), Pune to Kanyakumari (3400 Km), Cambodia to Thailand (750 Km) and Nasik to Statue of Unity (500 Km). The Jammu Kashmir to Kanyakumari bicycle expedition fetched three national records and got registered in India Book of Records.

Female child lose their scolion opportunity due to lack of transportation facility to the school. Keeping this into mind, Dr. Patil and family, started Bicycle Recycle programme. During this mission they collected used bicycles from urban area, repaired them and distributed among needy rural students. He feel that, the respect of farmer among school students will fetch the sustainable changes in society. Keeping this in mind, Dr. Patil conducts awareness programs for hundreds of School Student every year.To spread awareness about family health, he did Jammu Kashmir to Kanyakumari (3400 km) bicycle ride. During this journey they spread message of family health and women empowerment. Apart from this, his articles were published in Daily Sakal, Tarun Bharat, Deshonnati and Janshakti. The article topics were dedicated to subjects like environment, agriculture, science and adventure.

Training, coaching and motivational speaking is life changing hobby of Dr. Satilal Patil. During his 23 years journey from a village student to an Adventurer, Author, Scientist and 1 st generation entrepreneur, He went through various transformations. Faced ups and downs, learned and implemented different solutions and techniques to tackle these challenges. He feel that the knowledge and experience gathered, should be shared with needy people. Hence Dr Patil decided to make it available to students, farmers and entrepreneurs through training, coaching and motivational talks. Till date more than 15000 people have experienced these activities from him.

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