He’s a Dreamer,a Doer, a Thinker. He sees possibility Everywhere.
Listen to the art of becoming Doers by fulfilling all his dreams.


‘ड्रीमर्स अँड डुअर्स’ पुस्तक आता आपण ऐकूही शकाल. स्टोरीटेल वर, प्रसिद्ध अभिनेता ‘ओम भूतकरच्या’ आवाजात!
Dr Satilal Patil
This is the authorized website of Dr Satilal Patil, Author, Dreamers and Doers. From Scientist, entrepreneur, newspaper columnist, adventurist, socialist, author, to trainer, he has looked to serve the goals of business people, pioneers, experts, homemakers, youngsters.

Dr. Satilal Patil is a pioneer and researcher. He is master in the field of biocontrol and natural organic input. Created different imaginative items, Biopesticides, Biofertilizers and plant development advertisers and so forth. Dr. Patil is Official specialists for govt farming office and is individual from UGC specialized panel. He is Technical Advisor for Dubai, UAE. He is an individual from ‘Neem Patent’ group and holds a progression of licenses in his name. A doctorate from Pune University, Dr Satilal Patil is granted with “Agri Icon” in Maharashtra. An enthusiastic researcher in research and creation, a creator, Dr. Satilal Patil keeps on working for R&D in the field of agribusiness, Pharmaceutical and microbiology.


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