Training Programs

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For entrepreneurs

PGR/PGP Production Technology

Plant growth promoter or regulator market has emerged as major sector since last decade. This business needs thorough knowledge of active ingredient, formulation, quality control, packaging, bio efficacy and government regulations. This course covers these aspects of the business.

For entrepreneurs

Micronutrient Production Technology

Micronutrient fertilizer has become irreplaceable part of agriculture.  Manufacturing of quality micronutrient fertilizers is need of hour. This course covers various aspects of micronutrient production.  

For entrepreneurs

Composting Technology

Converting waste into fertilizer is useful for sustainable agriculture. Composting of organic waste is need of hour. This program covers technical, commercial, and regulatory aspects of composting business.  

For entrepreneurs

Microbial Pesticide Production

Various bacteria and fungi are safer alternatives to chemical pesticides. The demand of microbial pesticides is increasing. This program covers various aspects of microbial pesticide market. 

Dealers/ Traders Training:

Agrochemical Trading Business Training

This is training program for Agro-Input dealers. This program covers extensive knowledge about agrochemical trading business.

For Employees

An Effective Employee Training

This is skilled and effective training program for employees to identify and assess needs. Also set right goals and metrics to achieve success.

For Students

Customized programs for Students

This is training program for students to enhance their career growth. Student Training and Workshops programme is designed to be fun, interesting and engaging for all students. 

For adventurer

Unique and Fun Team Building Training Program

Push your personal boundaries in this truly adventurous program. The Adventure course basically deals with biking, hiking, rock climbing, cycling.

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